Forensic 101


bring a fun, exciting, hands-on science mystery to your classroom

 Forensics 101, Inc Super Sleuths( is a mobile science enrichment company that offers a wide selection of forensic science programs for public and private schools. Our programs include science days, camps,in-class workshops, before and after school programs, science clubs and more. We have developed an invigorating science enrichment program that brings hands-on crime scene science-related experiences to youth and teens across the Charlotte Metro area, reminding everyone that science is FUN. Our goal is to encourage continuous learning and fun in science by developing and delivering high quality, in-depth science opportunities. Our mission is not only to educate but to also stimulate a sense of excitement about the various forensic science disciplines. Besides, we know that everyone loves a good MYSTERY! We are currently offering our after school programs and science days at a competitive rate and would love to enroll your school for the Spring 08 semester. Mention this email and receive a “FREE” session at your school*What We Offer: 

In-Class Workshops/ Field Trips

After School Clubs

Crime Scene Experiences

Teacher Seminars

Curriculum Assistance

Science Fair Judges

Science Tutoring

Science Olympiad Assistance

And More...