Forensic 101

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Looking for a way to include science in your home curriculum?  Let your student become a “real” Crime Scene Investigator next semester. With Forensics 101 students will search for and collect evidence, dig for the unknown, and explore hidden clues. Over the course of the semester,students will learn actual forensic science techniques including methods in forensic anthropology, forensic entomology, blood splatter analysis, DNA typing,prints and impressions, ballistics, drug and poison analysis,biological evidence identification procedures, forensic pathology, footwear impression analysis, hair and fiber analysis, criminal profiling, evidence collection, and more. Students can put these newfound skills to use on their final day of class, as they explore a staged crime scene to search for clues, and analyze evidence, all to determine “whodunit”.

We also offer one- time workshops for homeschoolers to serve as a supplement to an already established science curriculum. Let us serve as your unit study with our one-time workshops and mystery science experiences.

Best of all Forensics 101 can come right to your home, church, or other homeschool group location.



We bring exciting forensic science opportunities right to your library, including dusting for fingerprints, comparing our own fingerprints, “digging” for bones, piecing together a human skeleton, comparing footprints, matching hairs and fibers, and following a crime scene to determine “whodunnit” 


These experience include: 

One-time Workshops

Summer Reading Themed Experiences

Story Time Events

And More

Recreation CEnters


 Offer Forensic Science Programs at your center. We have developed an invigorating science enrichment program that brings hands-on mystery science-related experiences to youth, teens and adults across the regions, reminding everyone that science is FUN. 

These experience include: 


One-time Workshops

Weekly Science Series

Science Clubs

And More

girl scouts and boy scouts


 Let Forensics 101 help your Scouts to fulfill their badge requirements the hassle-free and fun way!  We offer special hands-on workshops with activities that will enable scouts to complete all of the requirements for one of the badges listed below. Packs, dens or individual scouts are welcome to register .  

Topics May Include:  Tactical sweeping of crime scenes for other victims and or suspect(s), Sealing crime scenes and protecting evidence, Working a neighborhood after a crime scene, Press relations, Chain of custody/evidence, Interview and interrogations of witnesses/suspects, Notes/report writing, Dusting for fingerprints, fingerprint analysis, blood analysis, blood spatter analysis, entomology (bugs), forensic chemistry (drugs and poisons), computer forensics, foot print collection and analysis, hair analysis, fiber analysis, soil identification, ballistics, DNA fingerprinting, arson, criminal profiling, bone recovery and identification, all that remains, tire tread analysis, crime scene photography, tool mark analysis, questioned document analysis, glass analysis, forensic autopsy (instruction only).

For Junior Girl Scouts (and Bridging Brownies)

  • Science Sleuth Badge (six activities)
  • Science Discovery Badge (six activities)

For Brownie Girl Scouts

  • Science Wonders Try-It (six activities)
  • Science in Action Try-It (six activities)
  • My Body Try-It (eight activities over two workshops)

For Webelo Boy Scouts

  • Scientist Badge (six activities)

Want to make it a group wide event?  Forensics 101 will come to your meeting and bring our fun hands-on forensic science workshops that the kids will love. 

Preschools and Daycares


 In this brief Forensics 101 introduction to forensic science, let your preschooler enjoy using the science that the real scientists do.  Preschoolers will enjoy dusting for fingerprints, fingerprinting themselves and learning about the lip, ear, and shoe impressions.  They will enjoy “digging” for bones in our foam bone box, as well as using magnifying glasses to search for clues.  Through fun and games, your young super-sleuth will be engaged in actual science without even realizing it.  But parents be warned we will have fun getting MESSY! 

Workshops Include:

Prints and Impressions

Dust for finger, lip, and ear prints

Observe Impressions in play dough

Match Shoe Impressions

and much more...

Dem Bones

Dig through our Styrofoam bone box, piece together our skeleton puzzle,

 color and cut a skeleton picture, play some fun bone games, and much more...

Trash Archaeology

Learn why trash is important to forensic scientists and why observation skills are so helpful

What can we learn about your from your trash?

Get down and dirty as we explore the forensics of trash

More to Come...