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What is Forensics 101, Inc?

Forensics 101, Inc is a non-profit, mobile science education initiative that offers a wide selection of individual workshops and group programs (including programs for schools, daycares, libraries, church groups, homeschool groups, community youth groups, festivals, community events, and more). We have developed an invigorating out-reach science education program that brings forensic science related, hands-on experiments to youth, teens and families across the Charlotte Metro Region. Our goal is to encourage continuous learning and achievement in science by developing and delivering high quality, in-depth forensic science learning experiences. Our objective is not only to educate, but to also stimulate a sense of excitement about the various science disciplines.

What We Do

Forensics 101 enables students to bridge the gap between scientific theory and its application to real world problems. We provide students with a hands-on science complement to their current science curriculum. Our multidisciplinary workshops use biology, biotechnology, chemistry, and physics in understanding forensic science using the various laboratory skills, techniques, and methods commonly used during forensic investigations.

Students will process crime scene evidence, learn modern Forensic techniques, review contemporary and classical Forensic case studies, and participate in the analysis and solution of staged crime scenes.

Our programs are uniquely designed by our instructors. Our instructors are practicing Forensic Scientists eager to share our knowledge and get students excited about the field of forensic science. We adapt our curriculum to fit the needs of yours. Our programs are very flexible and we work closely with administrators to tailor our program to enhance current science classes.

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What We Offer

Forensics 101 Programs and Rates

 SCHOOLS (Public/ Private)*  

$75 per in-class session (up to 20-25 students)

$85 per one time After School session

$135 for school assemblies

GROUPS (minimum of four programs)*

Homeschool Groups $70 ($60 for returning groups) per session (15-20)

8 week series $75 per student (21 student limit)

Libraries, Scouts, and Recreation Centers $85 per session 

(21 student limit- $5 per student per session over 21)

CAMPS (price per camper)

$160 traditional 5 day

$210 Crime Scene Camp (6 day)

$225 Extended day (9-4pm)


Ages 4-6yrs:  $4 per child

Ages 7-8yrs: $6 per child


Crime Scene Party $225

Hands-On Science Party $175


(Libraries, Churches, Recreation Centers Etc)

$89 per one hour session ($70 for returning groups)- No Limit on # of Participants


(Corporate Trainings, Fairs, Festivals, Community Events, Etc)

$125 per one hour session  ($105 for returning groups)


A travel fee of $0.50/mile will be included for destinations over 10 miles from our location 28273

A 3% charge will be added to all credit card payments (i.e. $0.75 added to a payment of $25= $25.75) 

Please note that with more than 20 participants, programs become more demonstration based 

and less interactive in order to effectively cover all material.


Who We Are


Founder and Lead Scientist


Christina Benton is the founder of Forensics 101, Inc. She is a practicing forensic anthropologist and medicolegal death investigator. She currently serves as a Deputy Coroner for a county coroner’s office and is a former professor at Winthrop University  and  UNC  Charlotte  where  she  taught  forensics,  mortuary/cemetery studies,  field  methods,  and  African  American  studies.

She received her undergraduate degree from Howard University in biological anthropology and her master’s degree from the University of Tennessee in forensic anthropology. She is currently working on her PhD at the University of South Carolina.

Christina  is  an  author  who  primarily writes  thrillers  snd  crime  fiction.  Her first  novel,  No  Remaining  Evidence,  was  published  in  2017.  She  is  currently working  on  several  writing  projects,  including  a  sequel  and  script  to  her  Charlotte  based  crime  thriller  No  Remaining  Evidence.

Christina has been teaching science enrichment to  the  community  since 2007 when she founded Forensics 101, Inc. She is also a homeschooling mother to three.

What They're saying about forensics 101, inc


  Thank you so much for such a great class! My daughter took your Forensics 101 and enjoyed the class and you immensely. - Homeschooling Mom, Charlotte, NC


My son LOVED the last class he went to at the Growing Scholars where you taught! He has been asking me to sign him up for another! � S. Desai, Harrisburg, NC


Thanks so much for your great class today.  My daughter really enjoyed it.  She would like to take some more classes. -B. Garber, Charlotte, NC


My daughters just finished Forensics 101 and enjoyed it a lot.  They especially enjoyed the hands on learning and the details provided. -C. Sheafor, Charlotte, NC


Thanks for the wonderful classes & experiences that you give to our kids. -A. Clontz, Charlotte, NC


I already heard from some teens who LOVED the fast-paced, exciting way you presented the topic... they came out really revved up about what a good time they'd had. One mom commented to me that her daughter came out so excited about it that she wouldn't shut up about it, and they had to hear about it.. all the way down the road as they left the convention that day! - T. Collier, SCHEA Sumter, SC


 I am glad to let you know that your program was excellent.  The children were fascinated with the subject and information on display.  They enjoyed the hands on experience and it helped me to realize that we need to have more "hands on" programs like yours.  Thank you for coming all this way and for such a reasonable price.  Your instructor was animated and expressive and her experience fascinated all the participants... Hope to have you again in the future. -K. Moore, Mt. Pleasant Library, Mt. Pleasant, NC


  Just wanted to let you know that my daughter, [Name Deleted], is enjoying the camp and the activities.  She is a senior in high school this year and is now considering majoring in physics when she goes to college because of the hands on experience of this camp.- R. Waleed, Charlotte, NC


[Name Deleted] truly enjoyed his Forensics party, thank you for a job well done... - R. Colaizzi, Washington, DC 

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